High school excites and terrifies most students. For girls preparing to enter their freshman year, challenges range from body image and fitting in to deciding a path in life. The best advice centers on remaining calm and true to yourself. Just the same, high school will require you to dig deeper than you probably have in the past in order to find out about yourself. High school marks the beginning of your independence and eventual self-reliance. Coming in prepared may not make it easier, but it will make the whole thing much less intimidating.

Keeping on Top of Grades

Coursework in high school tends to be more demanding. Do all you can to stay on top of your assignments, as falling behind leads to additional -- and unnecessary -- stress. Time management is very important, as well. Not only will you have a new course load, but you will also have a lot of new social opportunities. Once you hit high school, your grades start counting towards college. This sometimes adds pressure, but keep in mind that it is no different than working towards academic goals in the past. Stay focused and you can maintain your GPA.

Choosing Classes

One of your new responsibilities in high school will be to take charge of your own course schedule and class registration. Choosing a balanced schedule requires a careful consideration of many different factors. While you want your high school transcript to be impressive, it will not look good if your grades drop because you have piled too much on your plate. At the same time, a stellar GPA made up mostly of electives does not show much ambition. Ask for advice from your parents and school guidance counselor when choosing your classes to make sure you have a good mix.

Making Friends

Starting high school can be a scary time, since most girls start the year without a lot of friends. Some of your middle school friends might be in your classes, but there will be a lot of new people, as well. Going outside of your comfort zone when it comes to friends helps prepare you for life after school. You should not abandon your support system, but be open to the new people in your life. The more you open up in high school, the easier your transition will be in the grown-up world.

Getting Involved

Expand your horizons by taking advantage of various club and sporting activities that your high school offers. Freshman year is a great time to try out new things, and most groups encourage new recruits, particularly at the beginning of the year. Joining also helps you to meet people outside of your comfort zone in a safe and interactive environment.

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