Thinking about applying for graduate or business school, but unsure whether your Graduate Record Exam revised general test scores are still good? A quick check online or via phone can determine whether the scores are still valid and therefore acceptable to submit to an educational institution. Applicants for graduate and business schools throughout the world take the GRE, a common measure that helps compare qualifications among school candidates. Most universities require the GRE for admission into a graduate program.

Via Phone

Call Educational Testing Services at 1-888-473-7267. This is an automated phone system.

Choose the prompt to hear your score via phone.

Select the option to enter your registration number, confirmation number or Social Security number, then follow the instructions to enter that information.

If your test date is within five years, scores will be available over the phone. If the automated system can retrieve your score, then it is valid.

Confirm Online

Access the Educational Testing Services website to look up your scores online. Click on the link for "My GRE Account."

If you do not already have an account, follow the prompts to register for a free account.

Log in to your My GRE account, then click on the "View Scores and Score Recipients" link.

Choose whether to enter your test confirmation number or registration number; test date; and either your email address, institution code or paper-based test center code. Submit the information.

If your test date is within five years, scores can be viewed online and are valid.

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