Many branches of anthropology exist such as sociocultural, biological and linguistic anthropology as well as archaeology. A degree in anthropology can be useful in business, education, government agencies, nongovernment organizations and human services. Few schools offer degrees in anthropology online, but you can find possibilities for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate online.

Colorado State University

The Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology online at Colorado State University emphasizes critical thinking to understand the multicultural world. The degree covers theories of understanding cultures as well as social, economic, environmental and political systems of culture. Course offerings include biological anthropology, urban geography, history of anthropological thought, cultural anthropology and indigenous ecologies and the modern world. In addition, you have the option to attend a summer field school in paleontology, archaeology or ethnography to gain practical experience. At the time of publication, tuition is $397 per credit and the degree requires 120 credits.

Ashford University

The Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology online at Ashford University emphasizes cross-cultural understanding. You will examine how different cultures live, govern and create meaning through learning to analyze background, statements and context. In addition, you learn methods of data collection, assessment and research methods. The program has courses such as anthropology of gender, anthropology of religion, magic and ritual, anthropology of war and urban anthropology. The degree costs $420 per credit hour at the time of publication and requires 120 credit hours.

University of Leister, England

Offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral online degrees in archaeology, the University of Leister offers various areas of focus such as prehistory, ancient Greece and Rome as well as historical and scientific archaeology. You can choose one of four specializations: archaeology, historical archaeology, archaeology of the Roman world or the classical Mediterranean. These are learned in conjunction with ancient historical analysis of cultures, politics and economics of the classical world. In addition to classwork, for the master’s degree you must write a 15,000-word dissertation. The master’s program for overseas students costs 9,220 British pounds or 14,400 U.S. dollars at the time of publication. U.S. students can begin the application process through the University of Leister website.

Universiti Sains Malaysia

The Universiti Sains Malaysia offers master’s and doctorate degrees in archaeology online. Study is in English. According to the university’s website, the master’s thesis must focus on “recovery, analysis, and interpretation of archaeological sites, materials, and context.” The focus of the programs is on Southeast Asia. You can focus on such areas as the Paleolithic period, metal age, archaeohistory or Neolithic culture in Southeast Asia. At the time of publication, tuition is 16,010 Malaysian dollars or 4,600 USD. An online application can be turned in via the university's website if you are a U.S. citizen.

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