Chemical engineers work in various fields including healthcare, the petroleum industry, pharmaceuticals and in environmental safety. There are also areas of specialization within the field of chemical engineering such as petrochemical engineering, food engineering and biochemical engineering. Chemical engineering courses in Nigeria are available at various universities located throughout the country. Degrees in chemical engineering are awarded at the bachelor's and graduate levels.

University of Lagos

The University of Lagos was established in 1962, and provides undergraduate and graduate training in a variety of fields including accounting, education, law and environmental sciences. The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Lagos provides students with a variety of hands-on experience in engineering related fields, since Lagos houses the largest engineering industries in Nigeria. In addition to providing training in chemical engineering, the department also offers degree programs in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. The Department of Chemical Engineering offers bachelor's and post-graduate degrees with areas of specialization in petroleum and gas engineering. The Bachelor of Science honors degree in chemical engineering runs for five years. Students enrolled in the graduate program are required to conduct their research in a relevant field to successfully complete their coursework. Course highlights in the process engineering program include basic physical chemistry, electricity and magnetism, engineering mathematics and gas dynamics.

University of Lagos Nigeria Akoka, Main Campus Lagos, Nigeria 011+234 -1-734-6354

Ahmadu Bello University

Ahmadu Bello University is located in Zaria, and was established in 1962. The department of engineering provides bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in chemical engineering. In addition to awarding chemical engineering degrees, the department also offers programs in civil, agricultural and mechanical engineering. The bachelor's program in chemical engineering runs for five years. Course highlights in engineering include introduction to chemical engineering, atomic spectra and structure, industrial project and financial management. Students also have the option of enrolling in a one-year post-graduate program and three-year doctoral program in chemical engineering.

Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria 011+234-069-55-0811

Federal University of Technology

Founded in 1980, Federal University of Technology is located in Owerri, and is the first university of technology in Nigeria. The university offers degree programs in various disciplines including agricultural technology, management technology, engineering technology and health technology. The university offers a one-year post-graduate course in chemical engineering. The training is designed to provide students with practical and technological skills in chemical engineering. Prospective applicants should have at least five credits of English, mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as courses in chemical engineering. The university also awards doctoral degrees.

Federal University of Technology P M B 704 Akure Nigeria 011+034-243-744

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