Master's degree programs in toxicology educate you about the effects of toxins on the human body and how to treat these effects. Many toxicology programs also incorporate environmental toxicity into the curriculum as a way to broaden your understanding of the global ramifications of poisoning and pollution. Online master's programs in this field are rare, but they do exist.

University of Florida

The University of Florida offers a Master of Science in clinical toxicology degree that you can complete entirely online. The program focuses on poisons, pharmaceutical drugs and commonly abused drugs, as well as how to treat patients who have either overdosed or been poisoned. In this program you will also study how the effects of toxicity can transform the body. In addition to the 32-credit master's program, the University of Florida also offers a 15-credit graduate certificate program. You can even enroll in noncredit courses simply to further your professional knowledge.

North Carolina State University

The online Master of Environmental Assessment degree program at North Carolina State University is an interdisciplinary program in which you can study how substances -- both natural and man made -- can adversely affect the body and the surrounding environment. This program has Professional Science Master's program affiliation, which will allow you to work closely with active professionals and help to groom you for a career in your field. Furthermore, NC State also offers a certificate program in environmental assessment for those who don't want to commit to a degree program.

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The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle in Australia is home to an online Master of Health Science program that includes a specialization in alcohol and other drugs and is open to international students. In this program you will receive a broad education in areas such as epidemiology, pharmacy, clinical consequences of drug use and dependence, among others. In addition to your regular coursework, you will also be expected to complete two practical experience courses for a total 100 hours of experience at an approved facility in your area.

University of Ulster

The Master's program in environmental toxicology and pollution monitoring at the University of Ulster is the only online master's program in toxicology in The United Kingdom, and it is open to international students. The program is offered in two forms: a postgraduate diploma and a master's degree. Both programs are essentially identical in that all candidates enroll initially into the diploma program. Then, once you complete your course work, you move on and complete the final studies required for the master's degree. The diploma program takes two years to complete, and the master's requirements take an additional year.

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