There are no laptops designed specifically for students, but the right grammar software can easily turn a basic laptop into an educational tool for students and business professionals to use anywhere. With so many software programs to choose from, consumers can easily feel overwhelmed. Knowing what the top grammar software programs are will help people make informed purchasing decisions by identifying their needs to transform computers into user-specified tools to meet particular goals.

Ginger Software published reviews by industry professionals who research and evaluate grammar software solutions in great detail, and they rank number one. GingerSoftware comes with a grammar checker and a sentence "rephraser" that shows multiple ways to re-write a sentence. It also has a personal trainer that analyzes your text and uses it to create practice exercises. According to, business al over the world use this program to ensure proper grammar in their day-to-day activities.


Ranked number two by, Grammarly is a popular grammar checker for students turning in essays and business professionals handing in those vital reports. Grammarly is an automated proofreader that coaches individuals with their grammar skills. It also has the ability to rout out plagiarism and detect citations. (reference 3) With a following of over 745,000 people on Facebook, this grammar software clearly deserves its high ranking as one of the best. (reference 4)

White Smoke

Students and businesses can perfect their English writing skills with White Smoke’s advanced grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and structure checker. The software offers full-text translation with a multilingual dictionary for further assistance. The software also contains an error-explanation tool that allows users to learn from their mistakes. Ranked number three by, this software has been praised by CNN as being one of the top 31 business ideas in the world that can bring good grammar to anyone’s workplace.


Last but definitely not least, Reverso is ranked number four by Not only does it improve one’s grammar, it also helps people improve their speaking skills and accent by listening to the speaker’s pronunciation of entire texts. The software can also translate your work into a number of languages that include French, German and Italian. According to, customers who use Reverso praise it for its additional features that allow users to access tools outside its primary platform.

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