Sentence structure, or syntax, refers to the way in which parts of speech such as subject and predicate function in a sentence. The term does not merely encompass grammatical correctness, but matters such as fluidity, rhythm and word flow. In other words, sentence structure is not about the individual parts of grammar as such, but about how they work together to form a cohesive whole that fits into a larger piece of writing. Effective sentences are crucial elements of effective writing.

Why It Matters

It might be helpful to read your work out loud to hear how it sounds. When writing is stilted, awkward and contains a lot of jargon, it becomes more difficult for the reader to absorb and understand. When your writing sounds awkward to you, it likely will be problematic for your reader, too. One goal in academic writing should be to make your work as readable -- and clear -- as possible. Clear writing helps illustrate your command of the material to your instructor or audience.

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