Good writing skills are inherently crucial for both academic and career success. The ability to write clearly and efficiently can transform a complex and challenging writing activity into a more creative, exciting and fulfilling writing experience. Learning sentence skills is one of the primary ways to improve your English writing skills.

Effective Communication

Any piece of writing is prepared to communicate a particular idea or message to others with the intent to attain feedback. In the event of language distortion or misinterpretation, the message communicated may be misunderstood by the recipient, hence hindering effective communication. Having a good command of traditional rules of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and usage will provide the foundation to write clear sentences when communicating with others. A mastery of all the rules that make up standard English may help writers to avoid making sentence-skills mistakes including misspelling, missing punctuation marks, poor academic performance and even missed job opportunities.

Success in College

Standard English is used in most of the academic writings. When doing written assignments such as a research paper, report or essay exam, you are expected to adhere to all the standard English requirements on grammar, punctuation or sentence organization. College writings are expected to present ideas using concise, relevant and clear sentences to communicate to an audience. Learning to improve your writing skills at the sentence level will help to develop strong reading and grammar capabilities that can be applied to produce well-reasoned papers on various topics.

Success at Work

Skillful communication is integral for building relationships at the workplace. The modern workplace is characterized by a huge flow of information from different directions. Employees who can use language skillfully possess a great advantage over those who do not. The changing trend toward an “age of information” signifies why you will need to have a good understanding of standard English to keep pace with changes at the college, workplace and home. A good command over the language can help boost social interactions, job satisfactions and career development.

Success in Everyday Life

Literacy skills in reading and writing are essential, not just in school and work but also in day-to-day life. Having strong writing skills will help to strengthen social relationships with friends and relatives through writing letters or emails. Such skills may also be applicable when writing letters to inquire about certain issues; bills or activities touching on your welfare or that of others. Communicating skillfully with peers can help to establish rules, norms and values to guide certain behaviors or practices in life.

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