Studying psychology is very different for students pursuing their bachelor's degrees and those seeking to continue their education with graduate work. Undergraduate work is often focused on the history and origins of psychology, perhaps delving into research or clinical application in upper level courses. Among graduate students, there is continued specialization. Your career goals and particular field of interest will determine which school you choose.

Stanford University

Stanford University is a persistent standout on rankings lists for graduate and undergraduate students. The department operates 17 separate psychology labs, where unique research is conducted under the supervision of an honored group of professors. Stanford's psychology department works to use an interdisciplinary approach to the scientific study of psychology. Some of their interests include vision and perception; memory; language and cognition; emotion; and culture and society.

Stanford University

Department of Psychology

Jordan Hall, Building 01-420

450 Serra Mall

Stanford, CA 94305


University of California Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley has a psychology department that's consistently top-ranked in the nation. Faculty and student researchers take on a variety of subjects at Berkeley, including human development of language, how genetics and the environment produce both adaptive and maladaptive behavior, and how a culture shapes the way people view the world.

University of California at Berkeley

Department of Psychology

3210 Tolman Hall

Berkeley, CA 94720


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The main campus of the University of Illinois has a renowned psychology program that boasts an esteemed faculty and commitment to the subject. Noted for its broad range of unique course offerings, students can study psychology from many perspectives at UIUC, including the biological, clinical, developmental, quantitative and industrial-organizational.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Psychology Department

603 East Daniel St.

Champaign, IL 61820


University of California in San Diego

For experimental and cutting-edge academic psychology, University of California at San Diego stands out among top-ranked schools. By recruiting and supporting top-notch faculty over the years, UCSD now boasts top researchers in areas of cognition, learning, memory, perception, attention, language, autism, emotion and social relationships.

University of California, San Diego

Department of Psychology

9500 Gilman Drive #0109

La Jolla, CA 92093-0109


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Another large university with a prestigious psychology department is the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. This vast department offers students degrees in many areas of study. Many students are attracted to the devotion the university makes to specific areas of psychological inquiry.

University of Michigan

Department of Psychology

1012 East Hall

530 Church Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1043


University of Minnesota

Although not as widely known, large or prestigious as other top-ranked psychology universities, the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities has a unique and attractive method of studying applied psychology, and it supports creative scholarship.

University of Minnesota

Psychology Department

N218 Elliott Hall

75 East River Road

Minneapolis, MN 55455


University of Pennsylvania

Over the years, the strong psychology department at the University of Pennsylvania has produced top scientists in the field, and its dedication to the discipline is ongoing at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The university has the oldest continually running university psychology department in the country. Some of its more unique areas of research are ethnopolitical conflict, evolutionary psychology, and individual differences and behavior genetics.

University of Pennsylvania

Department of Psychology

3720 Walnut Street, Solomon Lab Bldg.

Philadelphia, PA, 19104



Harvard's prestige and name recognition can hardly be overstated. The school is ranked with top honors in most areas of study, psychology being no exception. Harvard University employs brilliant and productive professors for its old and renowned department.

Harvard University

Department of Psychology

William James Hall

33 Kirkland Street

Cambridge, MA 0213



The psychology department at Yale is relatively small, compared to some of the larger schools on this list. There is a high faculty to student ratio, and those who do enroll at Yale receive ample guidance and assistance from mentoring professors.

Yale University

Department of Psychology

P.O. Box 208205

New Haven, CT 06520-8205

University of Chicago

With a demanding undergraduate program and several doctoral tracks, the University of Chicago offers a rigorous and intense educational experience in psychology. Interdisciplinary research thrives at the school, where biology and neuroscience are coupled with psychological investigations, with sometimes curious results. For example, a recent project out of the university posited that lonely rats were more susceptible to breast cancer.

University of Chicago

Department of Psychology

5848 S. University Avenue

Chicago, IL 60637


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