The study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has come a long way since the disorder was first identified in the mid-1970s. Many psychology graduate programs now have specializations and research programs that focus on trauma psychology and, by extension, PTSD. The study of PTSD includes research into the causes of the disorder as well as its diagnosis, treatment and prevention, all important areas of study helping those affected by the disorder.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University's PTSD research and treatment program gives graduate students in psychology the opportunity to volunteer with the program or conduct research with the program's faculty. Research assistants help with ongoing treatment studies, write articles, and conduct literature reviews. The program focuses on research to improve the treatment of PTSD for trauma survivors.

University of Missouri, St. Louis

The University of Missouri, St. Louis Center for Trauma Recovery offers graduate training in trauma studies. The program is open to students who are already enrolled in the university's clinical psychology graduate program and offers specialized training in trauma therapy and research, including techniques for the treatment of PTSD. Students enrolled in the program work in the university's trauma clinic where they hone their clinical treatment skills and trauma focused therapy. There are also opportunities for research under the guidance of the center's faculty including ongoing research with trauma victims.

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs' master's program in clinical and psychological science offers students the option to concentrate in trauma psychology. The two-year program includes content courses related to trauma and trauma psychology as well as clinical training in trauma psychology including interventions for trauma recovery and the prevention of secondary trauma. Students who concentrate in trauma psychology also complete an evidence-based research thesis on a trauma-related topic, which includes PTSD.

Other Programs

Many psychology programs offer the opportunity to study trauma psychology and PTSD even if they don't have a specific concentration in PTSD. Boston University and Duke University, for example, have conducted important research into trauma psychology. These universities have faculty members who specialize in PTSD research. Many university programs work closely with the Department of Veteran's Affairs and VA hospitals to conduct research on PTSD. The National Center for PTSD, a part of the Department of Veteran's Affairs, also funds post-doctoral and professional fellowships in PTSD research.

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