Whether you are graduating from high school or considering going back to school, the prospect of college can be daunting. The simple question of what would you want to study is intimidating in its own right, especially once you consider the vast number of options available to you. While people can find success in just about every facet of education, here you will find the ten most common college majors along with some of the careers available to the recipients of these degrees.

Business Administration and Management/Commerce

People majoring in business administration or management and commerce are strong leaders, strong problem solvers and great communicators. You will study the economic aspects that make companies successful such as budget planning, organization and finance to gain the skills needed to help an existing business or start your own.


If your interests lay in analyzing why people react the way they do and the biology of the human brain, then you should consider studying psychology. If you do not wish to become a psychologist, there are many career paths, such as human resources, that are open specifically to those with a background in psychology.


Nursing is an excellent option if you are interested in health care. Becoming a nurse takes significantly less time than becoming a doctor, and many nurses find that they prefer their profession to that of the physicians that they work with. There has been a nurse shortage for years, and projections show that this will not change anytime soon so there will always be a demand for good nurses.

Biological Sciences

The biological sciences are one of the most diverse majors that you could study. Studying everything from plants to microbes, students of the biological sciences are perfectly positioned for either pursuing a career in scientific research or entry into medical school.


Teachers are one of the most important cornerstones of any community. Studying education will teach you the skills needed to influence and inspire the children of tomorrow while gaining a general knowledge of various fields of study.

English Language and Literature

English programs usually focus on reading the classics and new literature and writing essays re-evaluating the themes in some of the most famous compositions. Studying English will prepare you for a career for in journalism, law and many office jobs that depend on creative and logical thinking.


An economics degree will teach you about the choices people make and how they affect the economic market. Utilizing critical thinking and mathematics to create projection models for businesses, students who graduate with a degree in economics routinely find jobs in corporations ensuring that they correctly allocate their resources to meet the market's demands.

Communication Studies

Communications majors study speeches, audience reactions and the strategies used to effectively communicate. A degree in communications will prepare you for a career in advertising, government or media better than any other field of study.

Political Science

Political science is the study of the politics and government through statistical analysis and free-flowing logical argument. Students of political science gain an understanding of history and culture while developing their critical thinking and writing skills. A political science degree prepares you for many career paths from consulting to law.

Computer and Information Sciences

One of the most rapidly advancing fields of study, computer and information science majors use and design computers to accomplish the monumental tasks that, without the aid of modern technology, humans would never be able to accomplish. Students graduating with these degrees can always find work doing modern research or in a corporate office.

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