Global affairs is a broad area of study that includes a mixture of economics, politics, history, law, finance, foreign language and cultural academics. A global affairs degree is also sometimes referred to as international relations or international studies, and paves a career-path that is designed by you. This is a program that won't limit you to one specific profession. As your aptitudes, skills and interests develop and evolve, a global affairs degree can highlight your experience in dozens of different industries.

Work in Government

A degree in global affairs can set the stage for an exciting career with nearly limitless possibilities worldwide, but there are a select few industries where a global studies degree will really perform. Government agencies, including CIA, FBI, military, foreign and civil service, are always on the lookout for talented students of global affairs. This work includes designing, implementing and organizing policies; devising peacekeeping strategies; executing foreign policy; and building and maintaining relationships with foreign countries.

Work in Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) function at city, state, national and international levels of service. They focus on everything from human rights activism and environmental issues, to monitoring governmental policies and serving as watchdogs of multinational corporations. The wide expanse of opportunities provides a global affairs student the flexibility to pursue nearly any industry of interest. A career within an NGO offers the ability to learn about politics without participating or claiming representation in a specified political party.

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Work in International Business

The worldwide economy is complex and constantly being rejuvenated with skilled analysts and business-people. Global affairs students who are interested in doing international business can narrow their focus to finance and economics. US-based businesses hire global studies graduates, both for work exclusively overseas, and for local work with extensive foreign travel. Successful global affairs students open themselves to a wide range of opportunities in the world of international business and finance.

A Global Studies Degree Earns you More Money

College graduates earn more money during their careers than non-graduates, usually by hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the case of global affairs, the pay scale varies widely because of the large assortment of jobs available, but a global studies degree follows the same trend as most other programs of study. Without it, you'll be hard-pressed to get a foot in the door at any organization. Although it takes time and dedication, a global affairs degree is an investment in your future.

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