Business is one of the most diverse subjects you can study. The typical business administration degree allows students to pick a concentration in one of several subject areas, ranging from financial topics to more product-centered topics. Because there are so many different specialties and concentrations in business, there are naturally many thesis topics for students to choose from.

Finance and Accounting

The closely related subjects of finance and accounting are two of the most complex in all of business. People in finance and accounting use complex statistical tools to arrive at precise assessments of the value of investments. Financiers are more concerned with the evaluation of investments, while accountants are more concerned with arriving at precise assessments of a company's financial value. Thesis topics in finance and accounting vary considerably. Investments is the study of maximizing returns from stocks and bonds. Debt financing is the practice of businesses and governments raising money by borrowing. Public financing is the study of government budgets and central banks. Financial regulation is the study of statutes governing financial activity. As an example of a thesis in regulation, you might study the relationship between corporate governance and financial performance at a company.


Marketing people are some of the most creative people in business. Marketers work closely with product developers to set prices for products and with advertisers to determine the best way to promote products. There are many possible topics for theses in marketing. Relationship marketing is the practice of getting repeat business by honing personal relationships with customers. Advertising is the practice of using print and/or broadcast media to make customers aware of available products and services. Social media marketing is the newly established practice of using social media to reach customers. One idea for a thesis in marketing would be to ask why some online stores can charge a premium relative to competitors.


Management is the study of how executives coordinate workers to achieve organizational goals. Managers are responsible for determining organizational goals, setting employee performance goals and determining company policy. Management students study each of these management functions through a combination of case study analysis, research and group activities. For students doing their theses in management, there are several topics to choose from. Organizational behavior is the study of the strategic action of organizations, such as strategies to increase market share. Leadership is the study of how managers motivate people to achieve organizational goals. Information management is the study of how managers control access to information in order to help their organization.

Human Resources

Human resources is the study of how to manage human capital for organizational purposes. Human resources departments are responsible for setting hiring goals, evaluating job applicants, and rewarding or disciplining employees. Human resources managers may be responsible for promoting or firing employees; these decisions are typically made in close consultation with supervisors and department managers. The topics for theses in human resources vary considerably. The role of human resources in employee development is one topic human resources managers devote a lot of attention to. Disciplinary policy is a topic with research potential. A thesis on disciplinary policy could, for example, evaluate the effectiveness of paid versus unpaid suspension periods in reforming employees with bad attendance records.

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