Human resources assistants are individuals who manage a company's employee records. Their jobs are critical because they maintain confidential information related to earnings, health care benefits, job performance evaluations and even tax withholdings, according to Human resources assistants also help with hiring and update personnel files for human resources managers and administrators, reports These individuals should complete at least two years of training to succeed in this field.


Individuals who are interested in becoming human resources assistants should complete two-year associate's degree programs, which often are required by employers. Majors that prepare students to become human resources assistants include personnel administration, human resources management or even business administration with a focus on human resources. Four-year bachelor's degree programs additionally are available for students who want to increase their employment opportunities. Training programs in this field are available on line as well.

To get into human resources assistant training programs, students must have a high school diploma or GED. Certificate programs that take three to 12 months to complete also are available in this field. These short-term programs are particularly beneficial for individuals who already have a degree in an unrelated field.


Courses in a human resources assistant training program cover topics such as labor law, workplace ethics, compensation/benefits rules and employee management systems. Students also learn how to handle employee evaluations and personnel recruitment. In addition, courses cover business communications and organizational behavior. Human resources assistant programs additionally teach students workplace behavior, employer-employee relations and even employee training, according to Virginia College.


Students who have completed human resources assistant training programs can gain further experience in the field through internships. As interns, students can practice screening job applicants, developing spreadsheets and maintaining databases. They also gain hands-on experience with using office equipment such as fax machines, photocopying machines, computers and scanners.


Completing a human resources assistant training program prepares students to pursue certification in this field. Industry certification comes from organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management and the HR Certification Institute. Students can seek certification as a Professional in Human Resources or even a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Both require experience and the passing of an examination, according to Certification makes human resources assistants attractive to employers and thus increases an individual's employment opportunities.


The demand for human resources assistants remains positive--particularly in firms that are involved in consulting, personnel supply and management--because many companies are contracting out these services, according to Companies also are relying on human resources assistants who work for firms that create compensation and benefits packages. The average annual wage of human resources assistants in May 2008 was $36,810, reports the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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