How to Study for a Business Law Exam. A course in business law provides a good foundation to a successful career in the corporate world. Here are some steps to help you study for a business law exam.

Start early. The last thing that you want to do before an exam is cram. You will retain very little information when you wait until the last minute. Take advantage of the syllabus and set up a study schedule and stick to it.

Gather your course material. You are going to need to refer to the information when you sit down to study. Have all your notes, handouts and textbooks near you. By having all of the information, you won't have to constantly look for course material during your study time.

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Analyze case studies. Familiarize yourself with past and current cases. This will help you with your business law exam.

Get supplemental information. It never hurts to find related outside materials. They can come in the form of an article, a website or class-related textbooks.

Find a place. Having a proper place to study is important. Stay out of common areas such as your living room, student union or any other place that will be distracting. The library or your bedroom are the best places as long as they are quiet and free from disturbances.

Take breaks. For every hour that you study you will want to take 10- to 15-minute breaks. This will keep your mind fresh and you will be able to study for longer periods of time.

Ask for help. There are people that you can turn to when you are in need of assistance. Your professor, tutoring center and other students are all valuable resources when you find yourself not understanding something that is going to be on your business law exam.


  • Before your exam make sure to eat a well-balanced meal.
  • Make note cards of important business law terms.

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