One field that continues to grow---even in the economy of 2021---is nursing. So starting a review course for the major nursing test makes a lot of sense. But as with starting any small business, there will be many challenges.

Know the NCLEX

Become an expert on the NCLEX. It's not enough for you to have passed with a good score, you need to know everything about the test. Take practice exams, study all the guides and take copious notes.

Sit in on other review courses, either online or in person. You can learn pointers this way, as well as realize how to make your review course special. It's also a terrific way to find out the common tuition for these courses.

Study medical terminology. Review all the vocabulary that will come up during the test. Create a cheat sheet (or cheat dictionary, if you will) for your students to help them remember everything.

Starting Your Course

Go to They specialize in helping start small businesses. There may even be a local office that you can visit for more help.

Get whatever licenses you need to start the review course. Business licenses and permits are regulated by (and also vary by) county and city, so head to your local government offices to get them. For details on them, your local library or website should have what you need to do. You will definitely need to pay a fee and give them all of your tax information. Even if you plan to teach the course in your home, you will probably need a home occupation license.

Find a place to have the class. Use your home if it will work or find a place to rent. If you have contacts with a local college or hospital, you may be able to find a room there.

Set your fees for the course and materials, as well as the schedule. Decide how and when you will want students to pay.

Create or find your review curriculum. Develop a plan for your course so that your class will be professional and something beyond what people can do just hanging out in the library.

Purchase review books, practice tests, medical dictionaries, drug reference guides and anatomy textbooks to use with your course.

Advertise your service. Flyers at local nursing schools and at local hospitals that use student nurses are a great way to start. Nursing forums and blogs are another way to get in touch with people who need your course.


Talk to nurses you know for suggestions on how to make your course successful and popular.


Don't just use the same materials that can be found in any college library.

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