When an individual enrolls in college, he wants to put his best foot forward. Part of doing that is to buy the books you need for your college classes within the first couple days of when the class starts. Sometimes finding which books to buy for college classes is trickier than you might imagine, as it's not like high school courses in which the teachers pass out the books on the first day of school.

Visit a student bookstore on or near campus. These bookstores coordinate efforts with instructors of the college courses to have the books on hand that students need. Find the subject area of your course and look for the course number. Books here are organized by the instructors' last names. Look for the last name of the instructor of your course. These are the books you need to buy for the course.

Call the instructor before the first day of class, if you are taking an online course or an untraditional college class. The instructor can give you the names of the books and the authors of those books.

Go to class on the first day. Typically on the first day of a college class the instructor issues some sort of syllabus or notify the students of which books they need to purchase for the course.

Talk with the department secretary of the school. Department secretaries typically have listings of each of the books instructors are requiring for a given course.

Speak with another student in the class. If you don't know which books you are supposed to buy for a college course, talking with someone else who is taking the course can give you some insight into which books you should purchase.

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