Sonography, sometimes referred to as ultrasound technology, is a highly technical diagnostic medical procedure that produces visual images of internal tissues, organs and blood flow inside the body through the use of high-frequency sound waves. Canada is home to many schools that offer education and training programs for those interested in becoming certified in sonography. According to Medical Career Training's website, the call for those skilled in sonography is expected to grow steadily through 2016. The average salary for a sonographer ranges between $41,000 and $71,890 per year.

The Michener Institute

The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, located in Toronto, Ontario, is one of the best known schools of medical technology in Toronto. The Michener Institute's ultrasound program offers students hands-on training in the process of sonography and ultrasound technology through intensive classroom training and real world work experience. The Michener Institute offers flexible scheduling for working professionals as well. Trained experts in the field teach and supervise all classes taught in the program.

The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences 222 St. Patrick St. Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 1V4 416-596-3101

British Columbia Institute of Technology

The British Columbia Institute of Technology offers students a 27-month full-time course in diagnostic medical sonography. The program consists of thorough direction and training in abdominal, gynecological, obstetrical, vascular and cardiac sonography. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates of the program are eligible to take the certification exams of the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

British Columbia Institute of Technology 3700 Willingdon Ave. Burnaby, BC, Canada V5G 3H2 604-434-5734

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

The Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, with campuses located in Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario, offer a 54-week course in diagnostic cardiac sonography. Diagnostic cardiac sonography (sometimes referred to as echocardiography), is a specialized form of sonography that focuses on the health and function of the heart muscle and surrounding tissues. Mohawk College's courses in diagnostic cardiac sonography are taught and overseen by licensed professionals in the field. Students enrolled in the program are educated through an intense classroom environment as well as hands-on training through real world, supervised work experience. The school operates under the philosophy that "Quality in education is a journey" and has implemented a program called the Institutional Effectiveness and Satisfaction Committee that works towards the goal that all students are completely satisfied with the education that they receive at Mohawk.

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology P.O. Box 2034 Hamilton, ON, Canada L8N 3T2 905-575-1212

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