Compared to other trade schools, there are not a lot gunsmithing colleges to choose from, but this does not mean you can't find a few well-respected and high-quality gunsmith institutions around the country. These schools offer degrees that make it possible to become a gunsmith upon graduation. Some of the schools are part of regular colleges.

Yavapai College

Located in the city of Prescott in the mountains of Arizona, Yavapai College consistently receives high marks for its school that offers a two-year associate degree in gunsmithing. Students, who typically can complete their degree in four semesters, receive personal instruction in the school's machine shop facility and are taught skills such as refinishing metals, technical math and assembling and disassembling rifles, hand guns and shot guns.

The college also has a gunsmith certificate program that takes 31 hours and provides additional training for gunsmithing jobs. Yavapai College also offers business classes that teach students how to set up their own gunsmith shops.

Yavapai College 1100 East Sheldon Street Prescott, AZ 86301 928-445-7300

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School

Situated in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and opened in 1949, the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School is named in several reviews as the best gunsmith school in the eastern part of the country and also one of the premier schools of its kind in the United States. The school offers a master's program in gunsmithing and has a 16-month program that trains its students for entry-level jobs. Polishing techniques, metallurgy, spring making, altering guns and reassembling and disassembling firearms are some of the skills students learn. The school's staff has more than 80 years of combined gunsmithing experience, and they teach students the skills they need for all kinds of different guns.

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School 812 Ohio River Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15202 412-766-1812

Trinidad State Junior College

Billing itself as the premier gunsmithing school in the nation, Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado is recognized by several websites for its excellent gumsmithing curriculum and program. Founded in 1947, the school offers two-year associate degrees and teaches students the skills they need to become professional gunsmiths in its gunsmithing school. Courses include gun repair, machine operations and stock making. Classes are offered on different kinds of guns, including rifles, revolvers and shot guns. The school also offers students the option of taking part in a National Rifle Association (NRA) Law Enforcement Instructor Development program. The gunsmithing school is part of a junior college that includes various clubs, athletic teams and dorms for students.

Trinidad State Junior College 600 Prospect Street Trinidad, CO 81082 800-621-8752

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