Getting trained in heavy equipment operation can lead to many opportunities in the construction, landscaping and natural resource industries. Machinery classified as heavy equipment include backhoes, bulldozers, excavators and graders. Most heavy equipment training programs offer maintenance and safety lessons in addition to practical operations training.

All registration fees in this article are as of summer 2010.

Greater Ottawa Truck Training

Greater Ottawa Truck Training offers a number of programs in heavy equipment operation in conjunction with Ottawa’s Algonquin College. Full training courses are offered in backhoe, bulldozer and excavator operation as well as more comprehensive general heavy equipment courses. Full- or part-time courses are available starting the first week of every month. Training course length ranges from four to 14 weeks and course fees range from $5,415 to $21,968.

Greater Ottawa Truck Training
5 Caesar Avenue Ottawa, ON K2G 0A8 613-727-4688

Transport Training Centres of Canada

Transport Training Centres of Canada offers a number of general multi-vehicle or specialized heavy equipment operator training programs. For general multi-vehicle operator training you can choose from a six-, eight- or 13-week program that trains you in backhoe, bulldozer, excavator, skid steer, rock truck and dump truck operation. All the programs include DZ automatic license training, the eight- and 13-week programs include grader training, and the 13-week program includes AZ license training. Alternatively you can take a two or three-week course that focuses on only one piece of heavy equipment. The general multi-vehicle program fees start at $10,000 and the shorter specialized courses start at $5,395.

Transport Training Centres of Canada 1435 Caledon Place Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z1 613-244-3444

North West Transport Training

North West Transport Training in Nepean offers a six-week multi-vehicle general heavy equipment operator course or three-week individual vehicle specialized heavy equipment operator courses. The six-week multi-vehicle course costs $15,000 and the three week specialized course costs $5,995.

North West Transport Training 66 Colonnade Road Nepean, ON K2E 7K7 613-225-3055

Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario

The Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario (OETIO) is located in Morrisburg, which is 50 miles south of Ottawa. OETIO offers a 10-week general multi-vehicle heavy equipment operator course or six-week individual courses in bulldozer, excavator, grader or tractor loader backhoe operation. The 10-week multi-vehicle course fees are $18,100 and each six-week individual vehicle course costs $9,600.

Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario 12580 Country Road 2 Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0 613-543-2911

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