There are bright children all over the country who are becoming bored in classrooms where they are not challenged or taught to their level. This can be very frustrating to a both the child and the parent, who are sometimes left to the will of the classroom teacher. However, there is the option of skipping a grade in school and although this is not the right solution for every child, it can be a blessing to some. Read on to learn how to skip a grade in school.

Know the law. There is no law stating that kids cannot skip grades, but there are policies in effect in school districts that prohibit this from occurring. It is well worth your time and effort to research other schools in nearby towns that offer school choice as an option and may permit grade skipping.

Evaluate your child honestly and determine how you feel about grade skipping in school. What may seem like a great solution for a bored six- year-old, will eventually lead to your daughter entering high school a year early. Consider all the implications that go along with skipping a grade in school.

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Consider your child's maturity and desire to skip a grade. You may need to make a strong argument for your child and you do not want to backtrack later because you made a rash decision.

Request a meeting with the school principal to discuss the desire to skip a grade. This may go to the superintendent, but it is best to start with the principal and only go up the ranks as needed.

Prepare yourself for a negative response. A lot of people have negative views about grade skipping because it is not common, but stick with your instincts and be prepared to show a portfolio of your child's work as well as explain your other concerns.

Continue advocating for your child. There are other schools to perhaps choose from or you can request advance instruction within the classroom, if skipping a grade becomes impossible in your situation.

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