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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Switch Schools. Changing schools is usually viewed as a big deal when it is the child's idea. It is one thing when parents have to pick up the family and move to a new location and different school district because of a job change. But when a child wants to switch schools, ​it can be a difficult for family members to understand​.

Depending on the type school the child is in, such as elementary school or high school, grade level can make things harder. However, if the new school the child wants to attend has a better education program or extracurricular activities that previously weren’t available to them before, it makes it easier for a parent to see how a school transition might be beneficial.

Transitioning from public school to private school, or the other way around, can be difficult. However, it is one of the most common transitions kids ask for. This might be because their previous school was too strict or they didn’t get along with the kids there. ​Moving schools would allow them to make new friendships in a better environment for them​.

Lay the groundwork early

Start talking with your parents about the problems you're having at your current school far in advance of when you want to start attending a new school. Give your parents time to think about how your current school may not be a good fit for you.

Show your parents you are trying to work out the problems at your current school and things just aren't getting better. If you're having trouble getting along with the teachers, schedule family meetings and describe your problems. ​Show your parents that you really want to make things work.

Be honest

Sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your parents about your desire to switch schools. Think through the reasons why you want to switch schools and explain those reasons to your parents, even if it means saying goodbye to your old friends.

Tell your parents that you believe you will be able to be a better student and make new friends if you want to stop going to your old school. If you have a specific new school in mind, ​describe the reasons why you will be more successful if you attend the school​.

Be persistent

Talk with your parents at least weekly about your desire to switch schools and have a new environment. You will have more luck in getting your way if your parents believe that ​you truly want the change​.

Getting ready to transition

When changing schools, its important to be aware of all the things you might need to get ready for back-to-school such as certain immunizations and meeting with a school counselor or school staff. ​The best way to be prepared for a new school year is to contact the child’s new teacher​.


Lastly, one option worth mentioning is homeschooling. ​This option however is more of an all else fails scenario​, as its very important for kids to have enrollment in some time of schooling. Therefore, this option is only best for children experiences severe disabilities or mental health concerns.

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