The superintendent of a school district is the person in charge of that entire district. There is no position higher in this particular field than a superintendent. This person will have an office, likely at the school district's headquarters. Writing a letter to the superintendent of a school district involves finding out the appropriate place to send this letter and being as detailed as possible.

Open your Web browser and visit the website of the school district your son or daughter is enrolled in. On the "Administration" page for the school district will be the name of the superintendent of the district. This page may also contain the address of the superintendent's office, as well as a telephone number. Write this information down. If the address is not listed, call the telephone number and get the address where you can send your letter.

Label an envelope with the information you found in "Step 1."

Type your letter as professionally as possible. Identify yourself and your relationship with the district (for example, that you have a child enrolled there). Use the following space to detail your complaint or compliment that you would like the superintendent to be aware of. Be as concise as possible when detailing your story. Be professional; if you have a complaint, for example, avoid name-calling and generalization. Get right to the point.

Sign and date your letter. Seal it in your envelope and either mail it to the address in question or drop it off in person, whichever is more convenient for your schedule.

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