Coming up with a science fair project is only half the battle for many students. Once you come up with a project or experiment, you then have to figure out how to present your findings. Setting up a science fair project board may seem like a lot of work, but if you think about what you want to include ahead of time, your work is much easier. There are some basic steps to follow to make sure your science fair project board includes all the needed information.

Buy a tri-fold board from a local office supply store. These work the best for science fair project boards because they are sturdy, easy to transport and enable you to display the necessary information.

Make the necessary headings for each section. Use colorful paper so they stand out against the board. Type the headings in a large font if you're using a computer or use large lettering if you are writing the information. You should include the following headings: Purpose, Hypothesis, Research, Title, Materials/Procedures, Data, Results and Conclusion.

Glue the Purpose, Hypothesis and Research headings onto the left side of the tri-fold board.

Attach the Title, Data and Materials/Procedures headings to the center of the tri-fold. You can leave a space below the title for photographs if you are including any.

Stick the Results and Conclusion headings on the right side of the display board.

Type the information for each section on a white piece of paper. Use the same color as the paper your heading is on for a border around the information. Place them under the correct headings.

Add any pictures or drawings to the area below the title.

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