Promethean boards are interactive educational tools that enable educators to provide an engaging classroom for students. Promethean boards are similar to whiteboards, with the system comprising a display screen, projector and a computer. The projector reflects text and images as well as all activities performed on the computer screen, to the view of the class. The promethean board pen called ActivPen is a component of the system and an important interactive tool.

Promethean Board Pen Ceases to Write

Check if the pen works on another promethean board. If it works on another board, the problem may exist with the previous board and not the pen. Another possible reason for the pen's failure could be that the computer the board you're connected to does not recognize the board hardware. Confirm whether you have connected the board's USB cable to the computer and if there is any loose connection. If you connected it appropriately, unplug the USB cable and plug it again after 10 seconds. Restarting the computer or restarting the promethean board may also set the pen right. A faulty nib can prevent a promethean pen from functioning. Promethean board pens feature a detachable plastic nib. If the above troubleshooting doesn't work, check the pin nib. Remove the nib and check it on another ActivPen. If the pen works, the problem exists with the previous pen and you may need to replace it. If the nib doesn't write on the other pen as well, the nib is probably problematic. Call the product manufacturer's customer support in either case and ask for a pen or nib replacement.

Cursor Jumps Up and Down

Sometimes when you are using a pen on the promethean board, the cursor starts moving up and down, making haphazard lines similar to those seen on an ECG machine. In such cases, switching off the power to the board and resuming after a few seconds can help solve the problem. If not, connect the board to another computer and try working it. If the pen is still problematic, the issue may be with the promethean software; install software afresh from your manufacturer-recommended website. If this does not rectify the problem, the hardware may be the problem. Check the connecting USB cable, use another pen or call up technical support. (

Board Displays Right Click Options

If you are seeing the pen's right click menu every time you write on the board, maybe you are inadvertently pressing the right-click option button on the pen's panel. Rectify if you are doing so. If the problem persists, use another promethean pen. The problem may be with your board. If the problem persists even with the alternative pen, contact your technical support for assistance.

Pen Tip and Display Cursor are Misaligned

If the pen tip does not align with the cursor, it means that the promethean board is not recognizing the pen. You have to calibrate the board to rectify this problem. To do so, go to the computer's System Tray menu displayed on the bottom of the screen to the right and right-click the "Activeboard" icon. Choose "calibrate" from the displayed menu. A "lighted flame" icon appears on the top lefthand side of the promethean board at the corner. Hold the pen over this icon for several seconds to calibrate the board.

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