The TI-84 is a mid-range graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments targeted to high school and college math students. The ACT is a standardized test used for acceptance into colleges and universities. The ACT is split into subsections based on subject. Students are allowed to use calculators to assist them with the math section as long as they have cleared their calculator for use with a proctor prior to the beginning of the test. The TI-84 is commonly used on the ACT, but take some precautions to allow its use.

Step 1

Remove any paper inserts that may have come with your TI-84. When you first purchase a TI-84, paper inserts with quick reference information are included underneath the screen cover. The ACT has a strict rule against any outside resources being brought into the test environment. These paper inserts could potentially contain material for cheating and cause an unfair advantage.

Step 2

Cover the infrared data port on your calculator and confirm that your proctor has seen this modification. Some later models of the TI-84 shipped with an IR-data port for transferring information between calculators. These ports use light to transmit data. When the ports are covered, they are inoperable.

Step 3

Erase the stored memory completely on your TI-84. ACT proctors will check your calculator for saved programs and documents. If proctors discover anything they will usually delete it immediately; however, the contents of programs and documents on a calculator can be cause for dismissal from the test if cheating is suspected. Press the "2ND" button and then the "MEM" button to open the memory management menu. Press "7" on this menu to select "Factory Reset." Use the arrow buttons to highlight "ALL" from the list of displayed memory locations. Press "1" to select "Delete." Press "2" to confirm your factory reset. Your TI-84 is now ready to use for the ACT.

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