You’ve studied long and hard for the SAT, that all-important test that colleges use for admission and scholarship standards, only to find that you need to reschedule due to illness or a last-minute emergency. Rescheduling the SAT can be done easily with just a little effort and a small fee.

Reschedule the Test

According to the College Board website, you can reschedule the SAT test, as long as you make the change by the deadline printed on your admission ticket, typically 14 days ahead. Once the deadline has passed, call the College Board customer service number and ask them to reschedule it, but it is not guaranteed. Any rescheduling before the deadline can be done online at the College Board website through your account or by calling the College Board customer service phone number. You'll have to pay a small rescheduling fee if you're changing the date online or by phone. You must know your original registration number and test date to reschedule the test. After changes are made and fees are paid, print your updated admission ticket with the revised test date.

Make Up the Test

If the SAT testing center can't open due to an emergency or bad weather, you won't be charged a fee to reschedule. In this case, the SAT program administration will notify you of the makeup date for your test. You must print out a new ticket with the corrected date on it.

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