Excelsior College is a New York-based online college offering courses in business, technology and the liberal arts. Whether you are taking a regular exam or are pursuing the school's "Credit-by-Exam" program, the minimum passing score for all Excelsior exams is a "C."

Excelsior's Exam Grading System

At Excelsior College, exams are scored based on the American Council on Education Credit Recommendation Service grading system. Exams are scored with letter grades ranging from "A" to "F." You will need to get either an "A," "B" or "C" score to pass an exam. If you are enrolled in Excelsior's "Credit-by-Exam" program, which allows students to earn credits through exams as opposed to courses, higher scores will award you more credits. An "A" awards you four credits, a "B" awards you three credits and a "C" awards you two credits. "D" and "F" scores are considered a fail, and no credits are awarded with these grades.

College Facts and Stats about Excelsior College

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