Maintaining a high grade point average is important in middle school, because middle school helps you acquire skills that you need to succeed at higher levels of education. In order to calculate your grade point average, you need your school's grade point conversion chart. This chart converts a letter grade into a numeric value. These numeric values are the grade points for the classes. For example, a B is normally a 3 on the conversion scales.

Find your report card and write down the grade you got in each course. If a course has a different weight than another course --- for example, if when calculating your average gym only counts as half a class --- then note this next to the grade you received.

Convert all your letter grades to numeric grades using your school's grade converter. For example, if you received a B in a class, then write a 3 next to the B.

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Multiply any grades for classes worth more or less than a normal class by the amount it was worth. For example, if you received a B in gym that is worth half a class, then 3 times 0.5 equals 1.5. For all other classes, keep the converted score the same, because they are worth one class. These are the quality points for each class.

Add all your quality points to calculate total quality points.

Count the number of classes worth one class. Then add together any classes worth less or more than a class to find total credits. For example, assume you took 10 regular classes, gym worth half a class three times, and you took an accelerated class worth 1.5 classes. Your total credits equals 10 plus 0.5 plus 0.5 plus 0.5 plus 1.5 for 13 classes.

Divide total quality points by total credits to calculate your cumulative grade point average.

Things Needed

  • Report cards
  • Grade conversion scale

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