Anthropology majors face a tough job market. Nevertheless, many students want to go into anthropology to study human societies and cultures. In order to compete for jobs, students interested in anthropology should look hard at the schools they plan to attend. Several excellent schools of anthropology exist nationwide as rated in research and faculty survey data by Campus Explorer and the National Research Council.

University of Montana and the University of Washington

The University of Montana in Missoula, rated 10th on Campus Explorer's 2014 list of top 10 anthropology programs, offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology. Students may specialize in archaeology, cultural and ethnic diversity, forensic anthropology, linguistics or medical anthropology. Two certificate programs in forensic science and historic preservation are also available. At the University of Washington in Seattle, undergraduate and graduate students can major in medical anthropology and global health, biocultural anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, anthropology of globalization or archaeological sciences. Washington is ranked seventh on Campus Explorer's 2014 list of top 10 anthropology programs.

University of Colorado at Boulder and Washington University-St. Louis

At the fourth-ranked University of Colorado in Boulder, students can work in one of the university's field schools in the Plains states of the United States to gain internship experience. Majors include archaeology, physical anthropology and cultural anthropology.The University of Washington-St. Louis, which is ranked eighth on the Campus Explorer's list of top anthropology schools, offers three major tracks in its undergraduate and graduate programs -- sociocultural anthropology, archaeology and physical anthropology. In addition, the program offers a global health and environment major.

The University of California at Berkeley and UCLA

At the University of California at Berkeley, ranked fifth on Campus Explorer's list of top anthropology colleges, majors and minors are available in anthropology. Master's and doctoral programs with concentrations in anthropology, archaeology and folklore are also offered. A doctoral program in medical anthropology is also available. Berkeley's doctoral program was ranked second in the 2010 National Research Council's rankings based on faculty-chosen criteria. The NRC ranks doctoral programs about every 10 years. The University of California at Los Angeles, which ranked second on the Campus Explorer list, also offers two majors and a minor in anthropology. An undergraduate honors program is available. NRC ranked UCLA's doctoral program second in its 2010 rankings.

The University of Texas and University of Florida

The University of Texas, ranked eighth in the nation for its anthropology program, has special programs in the Mexican borderlands, the African diaspora and activist anthropology in addition to its undergraduate and graduate programs in archaeology and anthropology. The NRC ranked the University of Texas' doctoral program eighth in its 2010 rankings. The University of Florida, which ranked first on Campus Explorer's list of top anthropology programs, offers degrees in archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics and biological anthropology. The University of Florida's doctoral program was ranked 16th on the NRC's 2010 list.

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