There are a wide range of scholarship options available for college-aged students. Scholarships are awarded with a wide range of qualifications, such as education, sports and even descent from a specific group. There are scholarships available to students who are of German descent and are able to trace their descent back through either a mother or father.

The Catholic Kolping Society Scholarship

Students at the Holy Family University that are of German descent are eligible for the Catholic Kolping Society Scholarship awarded by the school. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average and should show moderate to high financial need. The scholarship first goes to students with a strong German descent. The scholarship is awarded to students that are not from German descent if there are no students of German descent eligible for the scholarship. Only students from one of the three Holy Family University campuses are eligible. The campuses are located in Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, Newtown and Woodhaven.

Austrian-Hungarian Singing/Sick Benefit Society

Students who attend Conard High School in Hartford, Connecticut are eligible for the Austrian-Hungarian Singing/Sick Benefit Society’s $1000 scholarship. The qualifications for the graduating senior is that he or she is of German, Austrian or German-Swiss descent and applies for the scholarship on time.

Maud Glover Folsom Foundation

The Maud Glover Folsom Foundation offers a scholarship to young men of German or North European descent. It was set up in memory of Maud Glover Folsom, the wife of Charles Folsom, and continues to give students of German descent scholarship money each year. This scholarship is open to any male individual who is of German or North European descent. It is not available to girls.

Schaner Family Endowed Scholarship

The Schaner Family Endowed Scholarship is a scholarship option offered to students attending Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The scholarship is for sophomore students taking a Special Education major. Students must have a 3.5 grade point average or higher and must show a need for financial aid to qualify. The scholarship prefers students who are either of Irish or German descent.

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