The days and weeks leading up to your scheduled SAT test day can be nerve wracking. Putting a plan in place well before you sit down to take this nearly four-hour test with an optional writing essay can ensure that you do your best on test day.

An SAT diagnostic test will help you realize where you need to focus your energies in order to take this significant exam and earn your highest-possible score. There are many types of SAT sample questions online. Make sure they are recent and vetted by a verified college-readiness website.

Why SAT Test Prep Matters

Completing online SAT practice questions can help to prepare you for what is on the test, but more importantly, it can allow you to familiarize yourself with how the questions are formatted, which can trip up test takers.

There is a slew of SAT test prep places online, in book form and in community centers in cities around the country to help students soar through this intense test.

Difference Between SAT 1 and SAT Test 2

While many know about the SAT, there is also the SAT test 2. The SAT is meant to measure your ability to read and comprehend complex passages, properly use grammar and solve different types of math problems to show a grasp of knowledge about basic formulas.

The SAT test 2 is mostly known as the "SAT Subject Tests." The goal of this SAT test is to measure your ability in a specific subject. There are approximately 20 SAT Subject Tests that range from United States history to French and Chinese to biology.

If you are planning on attending a competitive school, then you may want to consider taking the SAT test 2. Some schools may require a potential pupil to have taken the SAT Subject Tests.

SAT Sample Questions

There are many SAT sample questions online that are free to download. These can help you to fully prepare for taking the big test.

The format of the questions for each test subject is different than typical school quizzes or exams. Online sample questions can give you a sense of how the test is worded and how the math problems are presented. Familiarizing yourself with these questions can increase your score by 10 to 20 to more than 100 points.

Study Guides vs. Online SAT Test Prep

Bookstores and online outlets are chock full of study guides that are comprehensive and extensive.

A study guide in the form of a book is good for completing during any free time you have during your daily commute, while grabbing a coffee with friends or on lunch breaks at school or work.

Online assessment tests can align your study habits where you need it most. Pair those results with a study guide, and you have a concise overlap of information that is pinpointed to what you need. Students who put in study time throughout the day tend to score higher on the SAT because they are more committed to the prep process.

How to Do Well With Test Prep

Challenge yourself. Don’t concentrate only on practice questions in areas where you may feel you are inadequate. Complete the SAT sample questions in all areas. These include:

  • Math
  • Language
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension

By completing questions in all of the subject areas, you create a solid foundation of SAT-based material in your mind.

Create Your Own

A proven way to study for the SAT is to create an answer sheet that is tailored to your needs. Look over your online practice test and write out any questions you missed or math problems that caused you to pause and slow down your time.

This can boost your confidence and speed up your time. The faster you can answer questions with confidence, the more time you will have to go over questions about which you weren’t quite sure on the first go around.

Online Places to Practice

There are a few vetted places online where you can take a practice test for the SAT. These places will offer the student individual feedback on the test. The individualized test scores will help you to understand where you need to focus your attention when studying for the SAT. Practice tests will have a bevy of questions that were prepared by professors and education professionals.

The questions are designed to offer you a good sense of the formatting and how questions are worded as well as what type of information each subject section will cover and more.

Khan Academy Test Prep

The goal of this online institution is to provide a world-class education to anyone around the globe, and it’s all free. The professionals at Khan Academy have created a laundry list of practice exercises and instructional videos for SAT test takers. You can access these practice questions and videos online and keep track of what you have watched.

If you take the SAT or pre-SAT test, you can submit your test to Khan Academy, and they will create a practice test based on your strengths and weaknesses. Khan Academy is dedicated to a student’s success.

The education company partnered with the College Board, which creates the SAT. It includes eight official, full-length practice tests, video lessons and tips, instant feedback and more. On average, students can increase their score by more than 100 points when they put in a minimum of 20 hours with the Khan Academy SAT test prep.

ePrep SAT Courses

ePrep is a video-based test prep service that has offered standardized testing since 2007. If you are willing to put in the time to go over these streamlined test prep courses, then you will be able to improve your score. Courses include answers and explanations as well as detailed subject-matter videos that you can watch over and over again.

Each course for which you sign up will include practice tests and a paired video answer for each question by subject. You can choose from two-, four-, six- or 12-month courses to prepare for the SAT.

Princeton Review SAT Test Prep

This is a proven SAT prep place for a curious and dedicated student to find thousands of practice questions and succinct tests. Princeton Review also offers tutoring, companion books and help for college admissions and general application questions.

Pair one of Princeton Review's study guides with an online course for full pretest coverage. There are self-paced courses or expert-led programs that you can follow before sitting down to take the big test. A personalized tutoring program can significantly increase your final SAT score for all subjects if you are prepared to put in the time.

Prepare With PrepScholar

PrepScholar is a relatively new member to the stable of proven online SAT test prep companies. It is designed to focus on each student’s needs in order to help you get the highest score on the SAT.

All of the professionals who prepared this test prep have impressive SAT scores themselves. Each question creator, teacher and tutor has scored in the 99th percentile or higher on the subject that they teach. PrepScholar is so confident in its SAT test prep that it offers a money-back guarantee if the student’s score is not raised by at least 150 points.

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