Do you excel in Spanish? Maybe you intend to make the Spanish language a large part of your college journey which will shape your future career. If so, then you should consider taking the SAT Spanish Subject Test.

What Is the SAT Spanish Subject Test?

The SAT Spanish Subject Test is another way to share with your future college your ability in the Spanish language. The Spanish Subject Test not only highlights your ability, but it can also help you move forward once you’re in college. Scoring really well on the SAT Spanish Subject test may allow you to be excused from taking a language credit or all allow you to take a Spanish class normally reserved for later in your college career.

The SAT Spanish Subject Test is also another way to distinguish your college application from a mass of many and help you gain entrance to the college or program of your choice.

How Do You Prepare for the SAT Spanish Subject Test?

If you believe you’re ready to take the SAT Spanish Subject Test because Spanish is your primary language, or you have studied it extensively during your middle and high school career, any additional prep might not be necessary. However, some additional prep can help you do your best.

There are many ways to prepare for the SAT Spanish Subject Test. It’s important to consider what’s right for you. Khan Academy is a totally online program that provides SAT Spanish Subject Test prep like quizzes and a Spanish 1 practice test. The best part about Khan Academy is that everything they provide is completely online and free. Which means you can access it anytime and not have to worry about blowing your study budget.

For varying costs all dependent upon your needs, Kaplan provides test prep courses that you can access during face to face classes or during online classes. Kaplan also provides online and in person tutoring. Many of their prep materials come at a cost, but they also offer a limited amount of free options as well.

When and How Can You Take the SAT Spanish Subject Test?

SAT Spanish Subject Tests are offered whenever the SAT is offered. When planning to take the SAT, check the dates of when it’s offered to see when the Spanish Subject Test is being given at the same time. Most subject tests are offered whenever the SAT is being administered but not all of the same subjects are available at the same time. That’s why it’s super important to make sure the SAT Spanish Subject Test is being given when you’ve signed up.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll also need to decide what version of the SAT Spanish Subject Test you would like to take. There are two versions, the first is the SAT Spanish Subject Test where the questions are in Spanish, and you answer the questions using multiple choice options.

The other version is the SAT Spanish Subject Test with listening. In order to take this test, you must bring your own headphones and portable CD player. For this test, you listen and answer your questions from multiple choice options. In order to take this version of the test, you may only do so in November.

What to Expect on the SAT Spanish Subject Test

On the day of the test, the best thing you can do is take a few deep breaths and do your best. The SAT Spanish Subject Test will merely test you on what you should’ve learned during your high school career or in your life if Spanish is your second language. Since every school Spanish program is different, you cannot expect and aren’t expected to know everything on the test. It’s just not possible because Spanish programs are taught differently in every school. So most importantly, just do your best.

The test will consist of 85 questions, and you will be allowed one hour or 60 minutes to complete the test. These questions will be created from everyday Spanish dialogue and situations. One thing you will not find on the test will be Spanish phrases, sayings or situations that can only be found in certain cultures. The Spanish you will be tested on will be what any high school student would be learning in their classroom.

How Will You Be Scored?

If you take the SAT Spanish Subject test without the listening portion, you can achieve a score of anywhere between 200 to 800. Of course the higher the score, the better. Most importantly, it’s important to review your score average based on the average of your peers. That will help you to have a true understanding of how you did and how colleges will perceive your scores. So when understanding your score, you’ll want to score in the highest percentile.

Also, as with taking the SAT, do try to answer what you can. A correct guess, even if it is a guess, will improve your score. So rather than leave it blank, answer as many questions as you can, and leave the unanswered ones until the end. Then make a guess, you could be right. When scores are calculated, the computer will provide points for correct answers and then deduct a quarter of the point for wrong ones.

On Second Thought

Maybe you thought you were prepared for the SAT Spanish Subject Test, but as you get closer to the test you’re having second thoughts. It is possible to cancel that portion of the test ahead of taking the SAT. In order to do so, you’ll need to visit the SAT online registration website at College Board. There you’ll find the capability to cancel your attendance during this portion of the SAT. You’re free to cancel all the way up until the time of the actual test.

Additionally, if you move forward with taking the SAT Spanish Subject Test and feel as though you didn’t do as well as you thought you might, you have up to a week after the test to cancel your score. You can do so by visiting College Board and filling out the necessary requirements that will stop your scores from being reported to your college selections. Since you decided to cancel your scores, the outcomes will not be reported to you either.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for college can be stressful. The additional costs, tests and decisions to make the journey while difficult can be quite rewarding. When preparing for your SAT and deciding whether or not to take the SAT Spanish Subject Test, it’s important to remember that the sum of your scores doesn't tell your entire academic story.

What’s most important to take into account is that college admission directors look at a student’s entire profile when considering them for their college. This includes your school records, recommendations, volunteer work and essay. The SAT and the SAT Spanish Subject test are just a portion. As long as you do your best in every portion of your academic life, the right college will choose you.

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