Test taking is difficult. It doesn’t always show the true capabilities of the test taker. If you have a low SAT score, don’t fret. Your dream of attending college is still well within your grasp. The SAT is just one number that colleges consider. Some universities don’t even require that a potential student has taken the SAT, and there are colleges for average students.

Other Factors to Consider

Admissions officials look at a variety of factors that the student can bring to benefit the college, including any awards, extra-curricular activities and community service.

If you have a high GPA and low SAT, you will still look good to the admission officials. Your SAT score is just one of many things that a college will look at when considering your application.

A high GPA shows your academic capabilities over a long period of time. Admissions officials give a high GPA a lot of weight in their considerations for desirable applicants.

Colleges that Accept Low SAT Scores

There are many colleges around the country that accept students with an SAT below the average score of about 1400.

  • Full Sail University: The fast-paced and immersive course work is designed to give students a relevant learning experience in evolving industries such as game design and computer animation. A $75 application fee, high school diploma and an interview get you into FSU.
  • Colorado Technical University: The experienced faculty bring real-world insight into the classroom for students to gain relevant information they can apply to their field immediately upon graduation. An interview with an admissions advisor, high school diploma and completed application are required for admittance.
  • Iowa State University: Based in Ames, Iowa, this college accepts 87 percent of applicants and accepts students with a 960 or lower SAT. It has programs in business, liberal arts and sciences, design, engineering, agriculture and veterinary medicine.

Online Colleges to Consider

Some online colleges don’t require students to take an SAT test before they are eligible to enroll. Online courses are beneficial to students who need to raise their GPA before applying to a traditional college or who juggle work and family obligations.

  • Purdue University Global: Wide range of career-focused curriculum, including the competency-based ExcelTrack degree programs. You can try the online courses for three weeks for free to see if it is a good fit for your needs.
  • Ashford University: To gain admittance to this online program you need a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, must be 22 years of age or older and meet minimum technology requirements.
  • American Intercontinental University: This online school is favored for its guidance and support as you navigate through its many bachelor degree programs. You need a high school diploma or equivalent and completed application to gain entry to AIU.
  • Liberty University Online: Offers 550 academic programs across 17 colleges and schools. To be accepted you need an official high school transcript, admissions essay and ACT, SAT or CLT scores.

California Colleges that Accept Low SAT

The easiest college to get into is one that caters to your field of study and puts state residency high on its list of requirements for entry. California state colleges often consider students' local contributions and if they plan to stay in the state once they graduate, which can be a big benefit.

  • Holy Names University: This private college in Oakland, requires a minimum of an SAT score of 820.
  • San Diego Christian College: Requires a minimum of 930 on the SAT.
  • Saint Mary’s College of California: Located in Moraga, students generally scored 1016 or lower on the SAT.

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