The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program attracts students from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. It represents a scientific approach to business and includes areas such as accounting, marketing, human resources and operations management.Each area carries its share of rigors and challenges. As a student in pursuit of an MBA, the choices for research topics cover each area of the field.

Business Management

Anyone obtaining an MBA must study business management at one time or another. The discipline encompasses a wide variety of subjects and topics. Some topics focus on common workplace concerns such as absenteeism, at-work child care and business ethics. Specific topics in business management suitable for an MBA include collective bargaining, effective organizational skills and developing a marketing plan or strategy.

Historical Significance

Since business forms the foundation of civilized societies around the world, MBA research topics can expand upon its historical relevance. Historically, the automobile industry has provided strong business models worth expounding upon, with possible topics researching Henry Ford, as well as the business methodology and practices historically followed by Ford Motor Company and/or General Motors. Other MBA research topics of a historically significant nature include analyzing which businesses and practices survived World War II, for example.

International Business

International business not only takes place between countries but also between businesses in and of themselves. The topics number almost too many to count, allowing you to tailor your research to a subject you enjoy. Looking at one country outside of the U.S., one topic examines China's accession to the World Trade Organization. Another looks at the entrepreneurial opportunities for Americans abroad and places which offer the most opportunities.


As someone seeking an MBA, your role as a leader becomes standard protocol. As an upcoming leader, you may choose to research a variety of questions revolving around the significance of business leadership, what factors demographics play in chosen business leaders, and the role and responsibilities expected in effective business leadership. You may also wish to research the practices of proven business leaders.

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