The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is the governing body in charge of educational policies in the state, including the requirements for high school graduation. Twenty-four credits are needed to graduate high school, and while most students do this over eight semesters, credits can be completed in an accelerated format for early graduation.

Missouri Graduation Requirements

In Missouri, to graduate high school, all students must complete four credits of communication arts, three credits of social studies, three credits of mathematics, three credits of science, one credit each of fine arts, practical arts and physical education, one half credit of health education and seven or seven and a half credits of electives, including a personal finance course. Each of these course requirements must be met with a passing grade. Students who are approved for an accelerated high school program can satisfy credit requirements early by earning them prior to high school -- by taking high school level classes in middle school or junior high -- or by enrolling in additional courses outside of the regular school day, such as evening or summer classes.

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