Making the decision to apply to graduate school is a major step that requires unwavering commitment. One of the first steps you need to take is to sign up to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). Almost all graduate programs require that you supply your GRE scores as part of the application process. Here are some simple guidelines to make the process of registering for the GRE a bit easier.

Online Registration

Find the official GRE website that allows online registration to take the GRE (see Resources).

Select the option "Register to take the GRE computer-based general test." Click on "Online registration." You will be prompted to select the test for which you are registering.

Select "GRE general test." You will then be prompted to select the "Country/location." Select the United States, then you will be prompted to select the state. Once you have done this, another screen will appear that has several options such as "Locate a test site," "Schedule an exam," "Reschedule/cancel" and "Exam confirmation."

Select the option to schedule an exam. Make sure that GRE test is selected in the first box. In the second, the United States should already be selected. Select the state in which you are wanting to take the exam and then click "Next" at the bottom. On the following screen, select "Schedule an exam."

Throught the following screens are licensing agreements, to which you need to select "I agree." When you get to the page of exam selection, select the "GRE - Graduate Record Exam" option and click "Next." When you select "Next," you will be given a list of testing centers. Select the center at which you wish to take the exam by selecting "Schedule appointment." You can select seating availability in a 3-month period or for a specific date and time.

After you have selected the date, time and place that you wish to take the exam you will be asked to enter personal contact information. Following this screen, provide credit/debit card information. After you complete this process, you will be given confirmation information. Keep this information for your records.

Registration through the Postal Service

To register to take the GRE through the regular postal service, visit the online GRE registration site. Select "GRE" for the type of exam. Then select "Register for a GRE test." On the next screen, select "GRE general test."

Select "Register for GRE computer-based general test." There will be a sub-section titled "Mail." Click on "Authorization Voucher Request Form." This voucher is in PDF form and you will need to print this out.

Fill out the form completely and mail it to the ETS-GRE address provided at the top. Do not fax this form. You must mail this form with the appropriate payment in the form of a check or money order.

You will receive a voucher in the mail. At that time, you must call to schedule an appointment. The voucher will have an expiration date so call well before then.

If for some reason you lose the voucher, it can only be replaced once. You must contact the GRE program to get a replacement.

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