The GED is the equivalent to the high school diploma. It stands for General Education Degree, and is necessary if you want to get a well-paying job. In order to get a GED, you must pass the GED test. This test cannot be taken online, but the classes in preparation for the test are available online. An advantage to registering for GED classes online is that the classes are more affordable, convenient and most come with a guarantee: if you don't pass the GED, you are issued a full refund.

Log on to a GED website. You can find one accredited by the Better Business Bureau in the Resources section below.

Take a GED practice test as provided on the website. This will help you to assess your skills and determine where you need improvement.

Pay the required fee with your credit card and complete all registration forms. The average fee for a GED course online is around $200 to $300.

Receive additional instruction and a private tutor for success in the online class.

Spend at least 5 hours a week on online courses, and maintain regular contact with the instructor by email or phone.

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