In 2008, issued a report citing psychology as the second most popular college major. Psychology is popular among many students because course work in this field is beneficial in a variety of real-life situations and a degree in psychology can lead to many career opportunities. If you're interested in understanding human thought and behavior, then psychology may be the major for you.

Curiosity About Human Behavior

If you are curious about what causes people to act in a particular manner, then psychology may be for you. In psychology, you can learn how people develop certain behaviors and ways to alter those behaviors. You will learn to recognize the signs of depression and to help individuals cope with stressful situations. By understanding human behavior, you will be able to more easily interact with others.

To Help Others

If you have a desire to help others deal with difficult situations or mental instability, then you will benefit from studying psychology. Psychology analyzes the underlying causes of human behavior. By studying a specialized mental health track, you will be prepared to work as a social worker, a substance abuse counselor, or a therapist. You will be able to use the skills you gained in your psychology classes to directly help people in need of counseling.

Diverse Career Opportunities

When you study psychology, you don't have to plan for a career in just social work or therapy; instead, there is a wide assortment of jobs available to those with psychology degrees. You can find employment in fields such as education, business, or research and development. You can also seek work as a community leader, or you may find work as the manager of a non-profit organization.

A degree in psychology will allow you to have a variety of career options.
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Psychology In Your Daily Life

The information you learn about psychology won't be pertinent in just the classroom. You will be able to take the skills you learn regarding small group communication and interpersonal interaction, and utilize that knowledge in your everyday life. You will be a better mediator in your personal relationships, and you will learn to recognize and correct your own negative behavior patterns. Psychology can help you to be a more informed and aware person.

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