Most writing tasks demand clarity and professionalism. Often, this means checking extensively for grammar and spelling mistakes. Aside from grammar and spell check programs in word processors, there are other computer programs dedicated to finding and correcting those mistakes. Despite the incredible accuracy of these programs, it is important to note that because these programs are not human editors, there are always exceptions that the programs may not recognize.

Ginger Software

Ginger prides itself on being the "most extensive free online grammar check on the market." The service allows writers to proofread with just one click whether the writing is in a word processing program or online browser. Ginger's technology identifies grammar and spelling mistakes and corrects them.


Grammarly operates as a proofreader and grammar assistant. It claims to be ten times more effective than grammar and spelling check in word processors. The program is designed to detect up to 250 types of grammar mistakes. Grammarly not only indicates what the grammatical error is, but also provides an explanation of how it can be corrected and examples explaining the grammatical rule. In addition to grammar and spelling, it also addresses word choice, style, and plagiarism. Despite all the excellent attributes of the program, it cannot be used with Microsoft Office suite on the Apple platform.


WhiteSmoke applies their grammar and spell check in real time, without the need of copy and paste. All the writer has to do is hit F2 on their keyboard for the program to assess the writing on the screen. The software has different versions that fit individual writer's needs, including executive, business, creative, bio-tech and the general version. WhiteSmoke's general version provides engines that identify and correct grammar and spelling errors, while the other versions are programmed to fit specific genres and contexts of writing.

Writer's Workbench

Writer's Workbench provides a detailed report of the spelling and grammatical errors found in the text and leaves the revision up to the individual. The program also provides statistics on the number of each kind of error, so the writer may become more aware of areas to improve. Although accurate, Writer's Workbench can only be used with Microsoft Word.

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