Ask any advertising professional and she will tell you--creating the perfect commercial is hard work. Between balancing creative desires, recommendations from the research department and the preferences of a company, coming up with a good commercial can be quite a challenge. You will get a taste of this challenge creating a commercial for a school project.

Make a list of the important features of the item you are trying to advertise. Remember that people do not buy pens; people buy a way to write letters or take notes. Try to think of why people would want to buy your product.

Identify what features make your product unique. In order to successfully sell a product, you must tell potential customers why it is different from the competition. For instance, if your pen writes longer than any other brand or costs much less, those are unique selling points.

Write a script for the commercial. This script should display the unique selling point you chose in your brainstorming session. Not all commercials are funny, but humor resonates well with audiences when it is relevant and tasteful.

Gather some friends and a camera and shoot your commercial. Make sure the product is clearly in focus, the shot looks good and you do not overdo it with pans and zooms. Simplicity will work best if you have limited experience and resources.

Edit the commercial using desktop editing software. Most commercials are either 15 or 30 seconds long, but yours should be the length established by your project requirements.

Show the commercial to friends and family before presenting it to your class. This will give you an opportunity to troubleshoot sny problems and check it for clarity.

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