Principals and school administrators are responsible for preparing their faculty, staff, students and parents for the opening of their schools every year. As duties pile up and the day of the school's opening draws near, principals often benefit from a school opening checklist. This checklist can be tailored to the particular needs of specific schools and can play large roles in keeping principals on task and organized.


For those teachers that are new to the school, principals can be sure that they are contacted and personally invited to orientation meetings. Principals can have letters sent out discussing new decisions, changes and goals for the upcoming school year so that teachers are reminded or informed of agendas and objectives. Other staff, such as custodial and office staff, should be reminded of important upcoming dates and pre-opening-day meetings as well.


Principals may benefit from contacting the officers of the PTA and delegating parent responsibilities to them. Such responsibilities may include sending letters to new parents informing them of the role of parents and the PTA in the school, as well as sending letters to all parents informing them of upcoming PTA meeting dates, times and locations. Principals should have school calendars sent out to parents reminding them of important events for the year.


To prepare for the arrival of new students, principals can have letters sent out including rules and school handbook information. If there are student orientation dates, the school can also send letters that include information on those meetings and dates. It's a good idea to translate information for students whose families speak other languages.

Building and Other

A principal's preparation checklist for opening day may include making sure copiers, fax machines and other office equipment necessary for smoothly running offices and teacher lounges are serviced and in good working order. Equipment and luxuries for the teacher lounges should be purchased ahead of time and desks and chairs can be numbered to ensure that there are adequate provisions for the number of students arriving. Principals should make sure bathrooms and lunchrooms are stocked, serviced and cleaned in advance.

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