Nursing school entrance exams are important to your nursing school application. Anxiety plagues many students before and during the test, and can be harmful to your score. Preparing for the entrance exam is important, and will also help relieve your anxiety. Follow these steps in order to prepare for your exam.

Studying the recommended study guides is the most efficient way to prepare for the nursing school entrance exams. If you do not have a study guide, they are available to order online or through your school. If you can not afford a study guide, your local hospital may have one that they will allow you to check out. Also, depending on the specific test you are taking, the creators of the test might also provide online practice exams similar in format to the actual exam.

Practice for your nursing school entrance exam with a group of people who will also be taking the exam. This method of learning works well for many people. If you find yourself easily distracted in a group, continue the remainder of your studying alone.

Exercise every day until the day of the test, even if you are just walking your dog. Exercise relieves stress, and can help you deal with test anxiety. Eating balanced meals is also important. Your brain needs to be in good working order the day of the exam.

Studying all night long the night before the exam will not help you do well. Study in 20-minute increments during the day and evening, instead of mass studying at night. Allow your body to rest between study sessions.

Remain calm during the exam, and do not allow yourself to spend too much time on one question. If you are unsure, move on to the next question and come back to those questions when you are finished. If you run out of time on the exam, quickly guessing answers is better than not answering them at all.

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