Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS, are standards laid out by the state explaining the expectations of what children in each grade level are required to learn. In order for students in a classroom to master these skills, teachers must be well prepared with lessons to do that. This requires lesson planning and preparation. Taking the time to think through how the material is going to be presented to the students is imperative to learning.

Select the subject area for the lesson plan you are preparing. For example, math.

Read the TEKS for your grade level. Become familiar with the essential knowledge and skills your students must acquire. For example, if you are a first-grade teacher, pull up the essential knowledge and skills document for first grade in the area of math because that is the lesson you are preparing.

Select the area on which your lesson will focus. For example, in your classroom you select 1.3 in the area of math. The students solve addition and subtraction problems using objects or pictures.

Write down the number of the TEKS your lesson addresses. For example, 111.13.3. Then write a description of what the lesson involves. For example, "The teacher will read the picture book 'M&M Counting Book' and give the students 10 M&Ms. They will count out their M&Ms along with the teacher as she reads the book."

Create a list of any items needed for the upcoming lesson.

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