A peace officer is anyone working in the public sector whose job it is to uphold and enforce laws. The Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) exam is a comprehensive evaluation of participants in a POST program. POST standards differ from state to state, and so preparation for the test must include familiarizing yourself with the POST standards relevant to the state in which you wish to work.


In order to be work as a peace officer, you need to enroll in a POST program and pass the POST exam or exams. After the exam is passed, potential officers may proceed to the POST police training academy. POST standards are set by each state and govern training, certifying and employing of all police officers, corrections officers, detention officers and emergency dispatchers in the state.


Since POST standards are set by each state, preparation consists of studying the areas of instruction and training required by your state. Common topics include criminal law, defensive tactics, crime scene procedures and traffic enforcement procedures. PolicePrep.com offers practice exams that are designed specifically to prepare participants for POST exams in any U.S. state. Purchase a practice exam relevant to your state and review all of the material.


Once candidates have sufficiently prepared, they may take the POST exam by visiting the POST board of the state in question and applying to take the appropriate exam.

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