English is one of the world's most widely spoken languages. At any given time millions of people are learning it. Whether you're a native trying to memorize vital conventions or picking it up as a second language, you will need to master the fundamental rules of English grammar. Understanding grammatical structure gives you a foundation that can help you become a better writer and a more confident reader. A test of English grammar will often focus on several specific principles. You must learn elemental rules.

Learn the terminology. Make sure that you fully understand terms such as verb, noun, adjective, predicate, subject, adverb and apostrophe. You should know the exact definition of each term that will be used on the test. Write sentences that fully illustrate at least one example of the term in question. Don't use unfamiliar words.

Learn the basics. Memorize the spelling of common words. Study the rules of English punctuation, such as when to use a dash and how to use a question mark and a period. If the rules are different than your original language, note exactly how they differ. Write sample sentences in your own language and contrasting sentences in English illustrating the differences between the two.

Read a wide variety of materials. Get a feel for how native speakers use the rules of English grammar. Read widely circulated English-language newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Read books published in English. Examine the sentences used by the writers. Note how they fit together and adhere to the conventions of the English language.

Take practice tests. A good practice test should have samples of questions used on the exam in previous years. A test of English grammar should include sections that assess your knowledge of basic grammar as well as additional material that allows you to demonstrate your writing skills. If you don't have a copy, read through previous homework assignments. Use examples from prior assignments to provide you with sample questions. Time yourself as you take the test.

Research the TOEFL exam. The initials TOEFL stand for Test of English as a Foreign Language. The TOEFL essay section has two parts: the independent and the integrated. The independent is a stand alone essay in response to a prompt. The integrated section consists of a spoken and written prompt. Writers must indicate how the speaker's points are in contrast with the written prompt. Practice TOEFL tests are widely available in book form and online.

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