While many traditional colleges across the United States offer degrees in social work, not as many accredited online colleges offer a bachelor's degree in that field. Each college has different degree programs, requirements and courses; so prospective students should research the programs to find the college that best suits their needs.

Brescia University's Degree Completion Program

Brescia University offers an online bachelor's degree completion program in social work. In order to qualify for this degree program, students need to have coursework completed at another college or an associate degree. All classes for the degree in social work from Brescia University are online. For students who want to attend Brescia University but do not have any college coursework, the college offers an associate degree in human services. Brescia University also has a bachelor's degree of social work on its campus in Kentucky.

California State University at Chico

The California State University at Chico also offers a bachelor's degree online in social work. In this program, students take courses online but must attend the university for two weekends every semester. Also, the university requires field experience, and although the CSU-Chico website states that students may do field experience close to home, the Council on Social Work Education states that students must do their field experience in California. Students wishing to attend this university should check with the School of Social Work to ensure that field experience can be done somewhere other than California. The program at CSU-Chico takes approximately three years, according to its website.

Metropolitan State University in Denver

Metropolitan State University in Denver offers online and in-person degree programs. Unlike the other colleges and universities mentioned, Metropolitan State University allows students to create a degree program that matches their interests. The university has extensive requirements for field experience, requiring over 500 hours of field experience for a Bachelor's of social work degree. Field experience at Metropolitan State begins in the student's junior year and continues through both semesters of senior year.

Salisbury University in Maryland

Salisbury University in Maryland offers a Bachelor's of social work degree online. Salisbury University also has degree programs at four satellite campuses throughout Maryland. Like the other schools mentioned, the university requires field experience, but the field experience must be done in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia or Pennsylvania. Some of the coursework may require travel. The university asks that prospective students take a self-assessment to determine suitability for online coursework. The university also offers a Master's Degree in social work.

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