While most people receive a high school diploma after attending school for four years and receiving adequate grades, it is possible, much later on in life, to receive an honorary high school diploma, even if your time in high school was incomplete or completely skipped. Many state governments now offer honorary high school diplomas to veterans as a way of expressing gratitude for the extreme sacrifice they made for their country. Celebrities are often given honorary diplomas as a way of congratulating them and connecting the school officially with the famous person.

Visit the website of your state department of education. Most state governments have an application available online that you can download and print out.

Complete the application fully. If you are a veteran, take certain to fill in your service number, the highest rank you achieved and the dates and branch of military service accurately.

Make a copy of your service discharge papers. Send your application with your copied service discharge papers to the address on the application in a stamped envelope.

Contact the state superintendent of education if for any reason he disapproves your application. Write a letter stating why you believe you deserve the recognition of the state on behalf of the sacrifices you made during war. Demand that the state honor them as you forfeited your education in defense of the nation. Include your contact phone number and email address.

Become a famous actor, writer, musician, comedian. Singer Vic Damone, musician Dizzy Gillespie, comedian Tracy Morgan, baseball player William Owens, Bob Hope and Walt Disney all received honorary high school diplomas. However, keep in mind that they received these degrees decades after they had long enjoyed fame.


Step 4 is useful if you live in a state that does not issue honorary high school diplomas for veterans.

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