Taxidermy is an umbrella term that describes the many methods for reproducing a three-dimensional representation of a dead animal for permanent display. There a wide variety of training options available for aspiring taxidermists, including taxidermy schools, certification programs and online or home video courses. Oklahoma offers several education and training options for taxidermists.

Certification Program

The Oklahoma Taxidermists Association offers a certification program for new taxidermists in eight different categories. The certification program, and an associated competition, occur every summer at the Association's annual convention in Oklahoma City. In order to get certified in one area, the applicant must submit an example of their work to the Association, who will then judge the sample and award certifications. An established taxidermist can also earn a master's certification if she receives certification in a minimum of four of the taxidermy categories.

Online Course

An aspiring taxidermist in Oklahoma can also take an online course from Old Heritage Taxidermy. Their online course teaches people how to prepare, skin, mount and finish an animal. The course is printable and can be accessed at anytime. There are no grades and no certificates or diplomas for completing the class.

Home School Course

World Class Outdoors offers four different home school taxidermy courses. The four courses cover preservation of whitetail deer, waterfowl, fish and squirrel. Each course is taught on a different DVD that the school will mail to the student's home. The student is responsible for watching the DVD and practicing taxidermy on her own time. There are no certifications or diplomas associated with completing the course. The course will also provide you with access to taxidermy trade journals, a list of supply companies and a list of tanneries.

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