How to memorize equations of MCAT? I'm Bon Crowder with, and we're about how to memorize equations for the MCAT or for any other test. In general, the way you memorize equations, is you write them, and you write them and write them many times. And you use them and you write them and every time you use them, you write them. The next way that you can memorize equations, is you say them. So, you say them out loud every time you write them, and then, you write some more. And then, you use them and you write them some more. The next way, is you create your own mnemonics or memory devices. It's really easy to take somebody else's memory. But if you create it yourself, research shows that you'll remember it better. The next thing to do, is to always remember everything you know, everything you learned in previous math classes. Remember everything. And I know that's kind of overwhelming, but all those little things that you learned through college algebra and even before that. All those logic skills are important when you're trying to memorize equations. And also compare and contrast. So, a lot of times equations have similarities. And when you're trying to memorize them, if you look at the things that they have in common and the things that they have that are different. That really helps you to memorize them better. So, the next time you're studying, remember write them a lot, say them when you write them. Create your own memory aids. Remember all the other little bits and pieces that you know. And compare and contrast your formulas. And that way you can study for the MCAT or any other test. I'm Bon Crowder with, good luck on your tests.

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